Murders due to gender violence in Spain have decreased by 29% in the last 20 years

Since 2003, the year in which data on gender violence began to be recorded, and until 2022, the numbers of sexist murders in Spain have decreased by 29.57 percent, according to a statistical study prepared by those responsible for the Violence Area of Gender, Studies and Training of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Comprehensive Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence (VioGén System) systematically analyses homicide data to better understand their risk factors, patterns and triggers, in order to design strategies to improve the fight against this criminal phenomenon.

This analysis shows that in 2003 the statistics recorded a total of 71 sexist homicides, while in 2022 50 were recorded, which represents a decrease of 29.57 percent. So far in 2023, the number of murdered women amounts to 52.

To analyse this evolution, the experts of the Viogén System have divided the same time period of twenty years into two cycles of ten. In the first of them, 2003-2012, 659 sexist homicides were recorded, while in the second, 2013-2022, 526 were recorded, which translates into a percentage decrease of 20.18 percent, a ratio that confirms a trend sustained decline during these two decades.

Studies of this type, as well as other research carried out together with different academic institutions, have allowed the Viogén System to improve the protection of victims of gender violence through new protocols adapted more precisely to each specific case, especially those that affect women. in a situation of lack of protection or at high risk of being murdered, as well as the measures adopted to more effectively prevent violence carried out by persistent aggressors.

The reinforcement of the model through the implementation of the Viogén II System in the coming months, which will improve the mechanisms for assessing the risk faced by victims who enter the protection system, together with initiatives such as a new boost to the training and specialization of The professionals of the State Security Forces and Bodies will strengthen the institutional mechanisms of the Ministry of the Interior in the fight against gender violence.

International Day

As Saturday marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the United Nations highlights that violence against women and girls continues to be the most widespread violation of human rights in the world.

UN Women also recalls that the majority of acts of violence against women are perpetrated by their current or former partners. More than 640 million women aged 15 or older have been subjected to violence by their partner, and 43 percent of homicides with female victims are gender violence, with a tendency to increase compared to other murders of women, especially in Europe.