One arrested and three investigated for falsifying more than 330 medical certificates of footballers

The Guardia Civil, in the so-called “Heize” operation, has arrested one person and investigated three others for the alleged falsification of 336 medical certificates for athletes from three Almería soccer teams. They are charged with the crimes of falsification of documents and usurpation of civil status.

The investigation began in September when the Guardia Civil learned, thanks to a complaint, discovered an Almería soccer team had presented nearly 150 medical certificates of soccer players by falsifying the signature and seal of the medical staff.

Medical certificates are an essential requirement to obtain a football player licence and their presentation to the Royal Andalusian Football Federation is the responsibility of the club.

The investigators identified the person responsible for processing and presenting these certificates and found out that he had also had a relationship in the last five years with at least four soccer teams. The agents compiled each of the medical certificates of these teams from the 2018-2019 to 2023-2024 seasons, locating more than 330 medical certificates, signed and sealed in the name of the same medical personnel.

The Guardia Civil, once all the information on each of the medical certificates had been compiled and analysed, arrested a person as allegedly responsible for their processing and has investigated three presidents of the Andalusian regional football teams for alleged crimes of falsification. documentary and usurpation of civil status.

The proceedings, along with the detainee and the three investigated, have been placed at the disposal of the Investigative Court No. 2 of Almería.