Social Security launches an ‘app’ for pensioners residing abroad

Pensioners Abroad

The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) launches a new mobile application, called ‘Vivess’, which allows pensioners residing abroad to carry out the annual process of accreditation of experience from their phone, according to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations.

As in previous years, the period for accreditation of the experience runs from January 1 to March 31, 2024. Pensioners may carry out this procedure by the usual means, that is, sending the original document of their Fe de Vida (Certificate of Life) to the Provincial Directorate that manages your pension, or by appearing in person or by videoconference before the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security of Spain based in certain countries.

However, this year they will also be able to use the new ‘Vivess’ application to prove their experience. This ‘app’, based on facial recognition, is now available for download for free on the Google Play mobile application platform for Android or in the ‘App Store’ for iOS.

Once installed, interested pensioners will be able to register to carry out the experience accreditation process starting January 1, 2024, without the need to make any travel or postal shipment.

This procedure is intended exclusively for pensioners residing abroad, around 100,000. The INSS will inform you of the launch of this new ‘app’ through a letter and a brochure that explains how it works, with links to download it and view a video tutorial.

This informative campaign will be completed with the sending of information posters to be placed in the Labour, Migration and Social Security Departments of Spain.

To register in the ‘app’, pensioners will be able to identify themselves with their Spanish DNI or NIE or with their file number, which will appear in the letters sent to interested parties to inform them of the launch of this ‘app’.

The Ministry highlights that this mobile application is a “safe and reliable” system that also allows the process to be confirmed immediately with proof of accreditation of the experience. Days after completing the procedure, users will receive a certification from the INSS in the ‘app’ proving that they have completed this procedure.