YouTuber facing two years in prison for objectifying women


The fifth section of the Provincial Court of Valencia will judge a young man from today, accused of an alleged hate crime for sending messages against women through a YouTube channel.

The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office requests two years in prison for the accused, 31 years old and of Colombian origin, for publishing three videos on this platform where he himself, speaking to the camera, addressed women with humiliating messages.

Thus, he approached them as objects and blamed them if they were victims of possible sexual abuse. The defendant reduced them to a sexual role and to the service of men, as stated in the qualification provided by the Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition to the two years in prison, the Public Ministry is asking for two years in prison and a fine of 3,600 euro for a crime committed during the exercise of fundamental rights and public freedoms guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution.

The Hate Crimes section of the Valencia Prosecutor’s Office also demands that the accused pay the procedural costs and the immediate withdrawal of the videos broadcast through YouTube.

The young man had an internet channel on this platform since 2013 and the events date back to some publications from 2018.

Apparently, in the videos the accused allegedly blames the women for possible sexual abuse and gave them advice so that they would know whether or not they were what he understands as a “tease”, a word that he mentions on “22 occasions”, specifies the Prosecutor’s Office in its provisional indictment.

He also stated that if a woman refused to have sex with someone she deserved to suffer sexual abuse.

The young man also sent humiliating messages towards women where they were objectified by reducing them to a sexual role at the service of men.

Each of these three videos by the YouTuber had 4,488, 104 and 270 views and, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, incited hatred against women.

The judicial investigation has not located any publication of apology or regret by the accused.