Double parricide case in court

The Provincial Court of Guadalajara will begin to hear evidence from today, Wednesday, against a man who is accused of killing both of his parents.

The events occurred in May of last year on a farm that the family has in Brihuega. Manuel, 71, and his wife, Paloma, 64, former pharmacists, lived in Madrid although they spent long periods of time on their estate in Brihuega.

According to the prosecution’s indictment on May 9, 2022, after the couple and their son who lived in a second home on the same property had eaten together, they took a nap. The son, Adrián, 32 years old, entered his parents’ house and, wielding a kitchen knife, stabbed his father in the neck, who woke up, called for help and tried to get to the bedroom where his wife was, but was unsuccessful. since he collapsed and died.

Adrián then approached his mother and stabbed her in the chest with the knife five times.

The son consumes various substances such as alcohol, cannabis and cocaine and, according to the prosecution, he could have acted under the effects of the drug with his volitional capacity altered.

The couple had another daughter who is the private prosecutor and does not claim compensation for the damages suffered due to the death of her parents.

The Prosecutor’s Office classifies the facts as constituting two crimes of murder with the aggravating circumstance of kinship and the mitigating circumstance of addiction to narcotic substances such as drugs or alcohol.

He requests a sentence of 32 years in prison in total, 16 years for each of the two crimes of murder.