Purple Tuesday is our Day of Note

The week begins with the publication of the final October data for the services PMI and composite PMI in the eurozone, where the Sentix index for November will also be released. It is expected that, in line with the evolution of Germany’s GDP in Q3 (-0.1% quarter-on-quarter), the leading indicator will reinforce the prospects for a slowdown in the monetary zone as a whole.

On Tuesday, the Eurozone production price index (PPI) for September will be published. The normalisation of the value chain and the moderation of the price of energy have contributed to a significant drop in prices in industry across the Eurozone, but close attention will focus on the evolution of industrial production in Spain and Germany.

During the rest of the week, we will learn about various macroeconomic references (CPI, trade balance, retail sales, etc.) that will help show with greater clarity the evolution and direction of economic activity in the main European economies.

At the business level, various companies will present their results for Q3 2023. Specifically, large companies such as Ryanair, Daimler, Bayer, Astrazeneca, and eBay are amongst those companies who will publish their profits throughout the week for transactions between July and September.

Warner Bros, and Walt Disney will also publish European results, the latter perhaps giving an insight into the evolution of streaming entertainment services after many of the platforms have increased their prices during the year to date.

It will also be a week with a large number of results published in Spain, including Telefónica, who are in the process of laying off staff due to the evolution of their infrastructure.

In the monetary sphere in the UK, GDP for Q3 is published, along with construction and car sales figures, the Halifax price index, and the Council Tax database, plus, also connected to money but perhaps resulting in a so-called “dead cat” story hitting the news mid-week, MP´s expenses will be revealed on Thursday.

Also in the UK political stage, Tuesday will be a defining moment as the State Opening of Parliament will be the first for King Charles since he ascended the throne, and the start of the last session before the general election, expected to take place before the end of 2024.

After last week´s damning, but not surprising, revelations in the Covid enquiry, this week evidence will be given by former Treasury economic adviser Clare Lombardelli, explaining economic policy, or lack of, during the pandemic, followed on Tuesday by Boris Johnson loyalist and former No.10 Chief of Staff Lord Edward Udny-Lister, who led talks with regional leaders during the partial lockdowns in October 2020.

Former Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service, Mark Sedwill, will no doubt defend what Dominic Cummings described last week as a ‘dumpster fire’ when he appears midweek, followed by former Home Secretary, Priti Patel, to explain border policy.

Former US President Donald Trump is expected to appear on the witness stand in his fraud trial on Monday, before daughter Ivanka gives evidence later in the week. Donald will be in Florida later in the week for a rally.

Laughing gas is banned in the UK from this week, in the hope of clamping down on anti-social behaviour derived from the use of the substance, although there are a group of people who believe that the ban will simply push the substance “underground” and will not reduce the use in the same way other banned substances are still used and abused.

A couple of things of note in the culture and entertainment sector, for literary enthusiasts, Nadine Dorries fans will be able to buy “The Plot”, and Coleen Rooney supporters can get the lowdown on the ‘Wagatha Christie’ memoirs. The GRAMMY nominations are announced this week, and Sotheby’s auction of Picasso’s ‘Femme à la montre’ ends, expected to sell for around 100 million pounds.

Of course, we are sure we don´t have to mention, but will anyway, we are heading towards Remembrance Sunday at the weekend, and before then, on Saturday, Diwali.

Finally, another important day of note this week is Purple Tuesday, originally a UK-based but now spreading annual event dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusivity for disabled consumers. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of making businesses and public spaces more accessible to individuals with disabilities, including physical, sensory, and cognitive impairments, amongst others.

Created by disabled consumer Mike Adams, the day encourages business owners to look at their operation and see if anything can be improved for those with reduced ability, whether just looking at physical routes through your shop, bar, or restaurant, or doing an audit of your website, to improving staff training, with the intention of making a more inclusive world for those who may need a little more help.