Clinic worker on trial for sexual assault

The First Section of the Provincial Court of Albacete will begin to hear evidence from today, Tuesday, against a man who worked on a private clinic in the city and took advantage of a patient to carry out a sexual assault.

The accused faces two years and three months in prison. One year and a half for a crime of sexual assault and another nine months for a crime of injuries. In addition, he is requested to be disqualified from professional employment for five years and to compensate the victim with 10,000 euro.

According to the indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office, the events occurred on August 17, 2021, when the accused worked in a private clinic in Albacete, where the patient had gone to have a scintigraphy, evidence which has two phases. In the first phase, a drug is injected into the patient and in the second, images are taken.

The indictment details that the worker, with the intention of satisfying his lustful desires, when the victim was lying on the stretcher face up, with her arms crossed, “he placed his erect penis in her right hand”. At that time, the victim said nothing.

After an hour she returned to the centre for the second phase of the test and when she was lying on the stretcher, like the previous time, the accused again put his erect penis in her hand. The woman then sat up, “seeing the accused’s naked genitals outside his pants,” she yelled at him, leaving the place crying.

The document indicates that the woman, who is stated to be 82 years old at the time, suffered an anxiety crisis and a mixed adjustment disorder. It took her 180 days to heal, during which she had to take antidepressants and anxiolytics.