Woman sentenced to prison for touching man’s bottom in a nightclub

The First Section of the Provincial Court of Navarra has sentenced a 23-year-old resident of Pamplona to six months in prison for a crime of sexual assault, after she was found guilty of touching a young man’s bottom in a nightclub.

In the trial, the sentence was accepted by the accused, a woman of South American origin, who has also been sentenced to 18 months of special disqualification for any profession, trade or activities that involve regular and direct contact with minors.

The proven facts of the sentence state that the events occurred on February 10, 2023, around 3:30 a.m. in a nightclub located in Pamplona. Apparently, the young man was in the premises when, suddenly, the woman approached him. “With libidinous spirit she touched his bottom, lowering her hand down his leg in a lascivious manner,” the sentence states.

Given what happened, the young man turned to the woman and said: “Hey, what’s going on?” However, despite the young man’s complaints, the woman continued with her inappropriate behaviour. She returned to stand next to the victim and touched his bottom again, which caused him to feel uncomfortable and finally leave the premises.

Immediately, the young man reported the incident to several agents of the Pamplona Municipal Police who were in the vicinity of the premises at that time.