Compensation clarification after popular tourist destination announces closure in September

The Marina d’Or tourist complex, a popular and famous tourist destination on the east coast of Spain, located to the north of Beniscassim in Castellon, announced the closure of its facilities, cancelling all stays after September 17.

Thousands of people have been affected by the closure, who have been promised a full refund, but the OCU consumer association has stepped in to point out that those affected might be entitled to additional compensation.

After surprisingly announcing the early closing of the season, those responsible have reported that they will refund the amount of the reserved stays, returning the money paid by users.

But for OCU this is not enough, because in addition to the stay, when booking a vacation, other expenses are also incurred, related to other additional services, which no longer make sense if the destination is not available, such as transportation, car rental, etc.

If you had booked a train trip, rented a car, bought tickets to a show or contracted any other type of service during your stay at the holiday complex, if you are no longer able to enjoy your stay or those related services, you must be compensated.

OCU encourage travellers affected by the cancellation to claim any additional expenses they may have incurred:

Keep proof of all types of reservations and any payments related to your stay at Marina D’Or, or other additional services: you will need them to formalise the claim.

Go to the organisation or agency with whom you have contracted and claim the expenses and damages that the closure may have caused you.

If you are not compensated, you can contact OCU, whose experts will guide you and help you resolve any problems that may arise during your vacation.

Remember that you can always go to court (without a lawyer or attorney if the claim is less than 2,000 euro).