To consume Cannabis members have a specific space provided by the Cannabis Club that is non-profit organization in Spain. A limited amount of Cannabis is cultivated and distributed by this club legally among its members.

To joining this club you need to pay the annual pay which is €20-€50. Short-term memberships and discounts are not allowed on the annual fee of joining this club. Approximately 86,000 men under the age of 15-27 are more involved in using Cannabis.

Barcelona is the city in Spain that produces the best quality Cannabis. Because of this best quality Cannabis, this city is known as “The Amsterdam”. In Barcelona only one company is licensed to grow Cannabis is Canamedics Labs.

Regulations for attending Cannabis Clubs:

To attend Cannabis Club Spain you need to show your identification card and you must be from Spain. Tourists are not allowed to attend the Cannabis Clubs. Age must be greater than 21 years. In public places in Spain, it is illegal to consume Cannabis or be an owner of Cannabis.

Against Public Health, having more than the mentioned amount of Cannabis is a crime. One having more amounts should be punished for 3-6 years in prison.

Sale of Cannabis in Spain:

On the nature of the crime, penalties are determined. Drug trafficking is regarded as an offense in Spain. The prison sentence should be one to three years if the sold Cannabis does not cause serious health problems. If the sold Cannabis causes serious health problems then the prison should be sentenced between 3-6 years and as long as for 21 years.

If one is caught growing a considerable number of Cannabis plants and the authorities know that one intends to sell Cannabis one will be fined for drug trafficking.

Medicinal Cannabis in Spain:

The laws in Spain do not allow medicinal Cannabis use also. Obtain a prescription having Cannabis products containing more than 0.2% THC is difficult for the patient. Across the country, there is an OCEM organization that spreads awareness of the benefits of Cannabis as medicine.

On medical prescription, limited numbers of medical products are available at present. Sativex is the only medicine that is available but it costs €400 per bottle which is very expensive and every patient could not buy it. Patients with multiple sclerosis only acquired this medicine. Marinol and Epidiolex are products created from cannabinoids but they are not allowed in Spain.

They are referred to as “Orphan drugs” because they are given in specific conditions and are not marketed. Carola Parez grows 16 varieties of Cannabis at home and can make medicines from it. She suffers from chronic pain and uses Cannabis for pain relief.

Cannabis Events in Spain:

The international Cannabis Business Conference is held in Barcelona. Industrial experts are present there. ExpoGrow is a Cannabis Event held in Irun. Visitors can learn about the Cannabis industry related to medicine and enjoy samples and discounts. Medical Cannabis is also an event that surrounds the controversies on the medicinal uses of plants.