Prison paedophile on trial

The trial began yesterday, Tuesday, and is continuing, against a man with previous convictions of sexual abuse and the corruption of minors, who is accused of distributing child pornography from the prison he was serving his sentence, in the Picassent penitentiary centre.

The accused is 32 years old and was sentenced in 2018 to 6 years in prison for sexual abuse; to 1 year and 3 months for corruption of minors, and he has been on in prison since February, 2023.

The warning was given to the Spanish security forces by the North American agency HSI (Homeland Security Investigation), which used an undercover computer agent to contact the defendant on the Telegram platform and to which the prisoner sent paedophile audiovisual material between December 2022 and January 2023, as detailed by the Prosecutor’s Office in its indictment.

The Guardia Civil requested judicial authorisation and searched the accused’s cell, where images were seized on his mobile phone, a hard drive and a laptop showing minors engaging in explicit sex or showing their genitals, thus suggesting he found child porn material, and distributed it from prison.

Some of these files even included babies and had especially humiliating content, such as zoophilic practices.

The accused, acting through the Telegram platform, sent an undercover agent, upon payment of thirty euro, 54 links from the mega service for downloading paedophile material that contained more than a terabyte of child pornography.

Likewise, between January 20, 2023 and January 28, 2023, he had conversations with an undercover HSI agent after which he sent him two other mega links with 349 multimedia files of a paedophile nature.

The Spanish agents found out that the address of the aforementioned user was in a certain room in a social integration centre in the town of Picassent (Valencia), where the accused was serving a sentence for the aforementioned crimes.