Six grand for Spaniards to go home

In an attempt to recover from population decline, the Spanish autonomous community of Castilla y León has published a novel bonus scheme in the Official Gazette, offering a one-off payment of up to 6,600 euro for natives who have moved out of the region to move back.

With this measure they plan to somehow encourage natural persons or people from Castilla y León to return ‘home’. To date, returns from other countries were almost always rewarded. However, this time they will do the same with those residing in other Spanish autonomous communities or cities.

The intention is that the call for this aid be published throughout September. This is a practice that some regional governments have been using for some time. Given the massive drop in population, they are forced to activate different strategies to facilitate the return of people.

To date, this autonomous government provided aid for those natives of Castilla y León who resided abroad. For this they enabled the ‘Return Passport’ plan. However, they wanted to go one step further and extend this advantage to those who live in other parts of the country.

In any case, to qualify, you will have to meet a series of common requirements. The interested party will be required to be over 18 years old and have no real estate worth more than 50,000 euro. This would be regardless of the home in which you reside or plan to settle once you formalise your return.