Spain gives Covid vaccine production licence to help developing countries

The Spanish Higher Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC) signed an agreement, supported and supervised by the UN, that allows it to make its prototype vaccine against COVID-19, based on the vaccinia virus MVA as a vector, available to developing countries.

This is the second time that the CSIC has transferred technology through the WHO in order to facilitate equal access to COVID-19 health products, after contributing with serological tests.

For their part, the Secretary General of the WHO reiterated that the COVID-19 virus is not going to disappear and that, therefore, the articulation of tools is necessary to prevent, identify and treat the disease.

As of August 16, 769,806,130 cases have been confirmed worldwide, including 6,955,497 deaths, and nearly 13.5 billion vaccine doses have been administered. In this context, he highlighted that the new licence provided by Spain, together with the one made available by the University of Chile and another private manufacturer, provide a boost to the global effort in the fight against the virus.