Oh dear! ANOTHER heatwave?

The state meteorological agency, AEMET, has threatened us with another heatwave, with surprisingly high temperatures for the time of year in Spain.

Just when we thought the worst of summer was over, we will continue to depend on air conditioning and fans in some parts of the country.

Temperatures have been high again for a few days, “especially in the eastern peninsula and the Balearic Islands. But from the weekend, the heat will intensify and spread to most of the country. It will be a new warm episode, with unusually high temperatures for the time”, they said.

Much of the country will be affected by temperatures that are through the roof and that could mean a new extreme episode. When we thought that we would say goodbye to summer, we continue in it. This month of August has already been breaking records, now, specifically during the weekend, the figures can be worrying once again.