Dia says covered best before date was an “unintentional” error

Following the complaint earlier this week by the FACUA consumer association in Castilla y León, Grupo Dia has said that the stickers covering expired best before dates on products for sale in their store was an “unintentional” error.

The distribution chain has thus responded to the complaint despite the fact that the only bottles on the shelf that had the date covered with the sticker coincided precisely with those whose best before date was from May 2023. Interspersed with these were identical containers of the same brand with the visible date of March 2024 and in which the label in question had not been affixed elsewhere on the bottles.

The Dia Group has indicated in a statement that what happened was due to “a specific human error”. Likewise, it has indicated that after receiving the alert from FACUA Castilla y León, it has proceeded to immediately withdraw the product from the Dia supermarket located in the Plaza del Mercado in Medina del Campo.

The association has denounced this establishment before the Territorial Service of Industry, Commerce and Economy of Valladolid, a body dependent on the Junta de Castilla y León, on the understanding that current legislation in defence of consumer rights has been violated.