If you thought Wednesday was hot, welcome to Thursday!

The respite over the weekend was short lived, with Wednesday forecasts threatening to be the hottest day of the year so far in places, a warning which has been extended to today, with some areas such as the Valencia region expected to reach 40 degrees.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) warns that this Thursday, as a result of the west wind that will blow that day, may be the hottest of the summer. Aemet does not rule out that it is also the day with the highest temperatures since at least 1950, the date from which records began, thus surpassing August 15, 2021 and July 7, 1994 when the average temperature in the Community was 30.6 degrees and 30.4, respectively.

A red alert is now in place for a number of areas. Click to check the status on the Aemet website.

The forecast for Thursday, according to Aemet, is 30.8 degrees although they indicate that this figure must be taken with caution due to the uncertainties associated with the extent of the west wind and the breezes. In this way, an earlier entry of the breeze and with more travel inland can give rise to a significantly lower temperature.

Thus, after the drop in temperatures last week, they began to rise on Monday and continued to do so through Wednesday, and peaking today, Thursday. However, on Friday the thermometers will drop, but they will still be very warm and will remain above the normal values ​​for mid-August.

This strong rise in temperatures on Thursday will be due to the west wind in the interior and pre-coastal, especially in the province of Valencia. However, there will be weak breezes on the Valencia coast that will penetrate a few tens of kilometres inland and more general breezes in Alicante and Castellón.

However, Aemet qualifies that the entry of the breeze and the extension of the west wind on Thursday are “important sources of uncertainty” about what could occur and in this regard explains that this advance of the breeze only a few kilometres further inland or the time of entry can make the temperatures forecast for Thursday vary “significantly”.

In this way, the time of entry of the breeze to the low regions of the pre-coastal of Valencia will define the area where extreme temperatures will be reached. The forecast is that the breeze will arrive very late or not reach towns on the Costera and the inland area of ​​the Ribera Alta.

In the afternoon, the southeast breeze is expected to turn south in La Safor and the towns of Marina Alta to the south of the Montgó massif, such as Pego. In these situations, the air reaches these areas superheated to the lee of the Montgó.

The city of Valencia has registered a total of 58 tropical nights, which means that temperatures have not dropped below 20 degrees, and 22 torrid nights (when values ​​are above 25 degrees) so far this year, until August 8, as reported by the Agency.

Thus, after a few cool days last night in the Valencian Community it was again very warm in which at the Valencia airport it did not drop below 25.4 degrees; in Valencia, of 25.3; in Torreblanca, of 25.2 and in the observatory of the UPV of Valencia of 25.2.

For its part, in the town of Sagunto the minimum has remained at 25.1 degrees Celsius, in Castellón de la Plana at 24.8, in Xàtiva at 24.2, in Llíria at 24, in Carcaixent at 23.9, in Bicorp at 23.7, and in Alicante at 23.