British jihadi rapper found dead in Spanish prison

A British rapper, of Egyptian origin, Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, was found dead in his cell at the Puerto III prison, where he was awaiting sentencing after being tried at the National Court for alleged jihadism.

Penitentiary sources confirmed the death of the alleged jihadist, which occurred last week, who had recently been tried at the National Court. The prison has informed the duty court of the death, which will open an investigation to find out the causes, as well as Penitentiary Institutions, pending the conclusion of an autopsy.

On the 14th of this month, the trial against the former rapper, alias L. Jinny, who arrived in Almería by boat from Algeria in 2020 and was detained by the Police for the “risk to national security” that he represented, was seen for sentencing. that he was a returnee from Syria, according to what the prosecutor said in his final conclusions. Precisely, in that last session of the trial, the representative of the Public Ministry maintained his request for 9 years in prison for the former rapper and 7 and 8 years for the other two defendants with whom he was arrested. He accused the three of them of forming a jihadist cell dedicated to committing banking scams on the internet and trafficking cryptocurrencies to “finance their terrorist activities.”

The prosecutor defended the police action, questioned by the defences, and stated that the arrest was made urgently on suspicion that Abdel Bary was a fighter for the Islamic State in Syria. Interpol notified the Police of the entry of these three people into Spain and that led to the arrests, according to the prosecutor.

For his part, Abdel Bary’s lawyer asked that the proceedings for irregularities in the arrests be annulled and that, in any case, he be acquitted because it has not been proven at any time that he led a terrorist cell. In that session, Abdel Bary used his right to the last word to influence the same ideas as his lawyer and alleged that the terrorist cells are led by a religious guide or imam and that he lacked that authority.