Gang selling drugs in sweet wrappers arrested

Within the framework of the “KAUGUMI” operation, the Guardia Civil dismantled a criminal organisation dedicated to the infrastructure, production, distribution and sale of cannabis-derived products, proceeding to the arrest of nine people and the investigation of 147 more. The products were packaged simulating a legal appearance within the food product chain with very attractive packaging, some of them with the appearance of sweets.

The operation involved nearly two tons of marijuana buds, more than 100 marijuana plants, 12 kg of hashish sting, more than 5 kg of hashish resin, as well as assets from the commission of these crimes, including 2 vehicles, about 20,000 euro in cash and another 51,000 euro immobilised in a bank account at the disposal of the courts, and various computer equipment.

Likewise, four searches have been made in Granada and Valencia, together with 244 inspections in establishments belonging to 31 provinces of the national geography.

The operation began as a result of several investigations carried out by the Guardia Civil in Almería after learning that psychotropic cannabis-derived products with legal appearance were being marketed in different establishments in the province.

As a result of these investigations, the agents located a company in the province of Granada, which had a perfectly organised structure to carry out the production, processing, distribution and sale of these products, obtaining a high level of economic benefits.

Continuing with the investigations, the agents were able to determine that cannabis-derived products for human consumption were being sold in establishments such as sports nutrition stores, Growshops, tobacconists, and even service stations, as products for ornamental use.