Ecommerce boosting postal delivery sector

According to the figures released this week, the parcel sector had a turnover of 6,5 billion euro in 2022, 1.9% more than in 2021, thanks to electronic commerce, while traditional mail continued the downward trend with 1,495 million shipments, 13.7% less, and almost 1,160 million euro in billing, 7% less, according to the 2022 Postal Sector Annual Report, which analyses the activity of around 1,500 operators.

Whilst writing a letter was once something to be cherished, 80% of the population of Spain neither sent or received letters or packages from individuals. There was no need to feel forgotten, as these people still received letters from service companies (telecommunications, energy or banks) and administrative or judicial notifications. In the case of the packages, they came from purchases made over the Internet.

The Postal Registry had, at the end of 2022, 2,894 registered companies, 33% more than a year earlier. This increase is explained by the registration of 667 new self-employed workers.

The products with the greatest demand were ordinary letters and postcards (80% of the total shipments of the traditional postal segment). The preferred packages were those with the lightest weight, up to 2 kg (66% of the total shipments in the courier and parcel segment).

Correos dominated in the traditional postal segment with 88% of the market share, but in the parcel segment its share fell to 17%. In this segment, the three operators with the most shipments had 53% of the market share.

According to the latest CNMC Household Panel, around 80% of those surveyed did not send or receive any letter to another individual in the six months prior to the survey. The letters received are usually from companies and public administrations. 85% of those surveyed did not send or receive any packages that did not originate from an online purchase. Nearly two out of every ten users who sent packages stated that the last one corresponded to a return of an Internet purchase. Furthermore, almost two out of three respondents did not visit any post office.