Child sex abuse, robbery, and physical assault cases in Valencia courts today

The fifth section of the Provincial Court of Valencia will hear evidence from today, Wednesday, against a man accused of sexually abusing a minor, eleven years old at the time of the events and with a medium-grade mental disability, the daughter of some friends.

The Prosecutor’s Office maintains that in the summer of 2018 the defendant convinced the parents of the minor, who lived in Murcia, to go with him on vacation on the pretext that she could play with his nine-year-old son. According to the public accusation, the man took advantage of her when the girl was sleeping to get into her bed and subject her to touching and other sexual practices.

The situation was repeated on several trips in which the defendant took the girl, and the Prosecutor’s Office requests a 12-year prison sentence for a continued crime of sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, the fourth section judges a man from Wednesday, with several convictions for similar acts, accused of robbing a friend’s house, after threatening his partner with a knife, and for whom the Prosecutor’s Office asks for seven years from prison.

In the fifth section, also from Wednesday, the trial begins for the manager of a fast-food establishment in Valencia accused of touching the legs, thighs, buttocks, and knees of one of the employees, for which the Prosecutor’s Office would like to see him in prison for a year and a half.

On Thursday, the trial of an agent of the Burjassot Local Police accused of slapping a man whom he had stopped on June 23, 2019, on a street in the municipality opens in the third section. The Prosecutor’s Office, which asks for him a fine of 4,320 euro for a crime of injury.

The section also judges a man from June 1 for the crime of robbery at a hairdresser in Alzira, for which the Prosecutor’s Office requests five years in prison.