Quiet week for the markets

This week starts with hardly any references in the business and financial world on a day marked by the closing of Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange. In Spain, the notable data will be the figures for deposits and bills and coins published by the Bank of Spain.

Many parts of Spain will also be potentially facing a very different future from today, as the results of the local and regional elections are considered.

The UK Parliament is also in recess, but Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will be amongst world leaders preparing for the European Political Community summit which takes place in Moldova on Thursday. The UK government is desperately trying to “take back control” of the narrative on immigration following the widely expected record-breaking net migration figures released last week, partly due to no agreement being in place since Brexit and blasting the Conservative´s election manifesto completely out of the proverbial water.

Still making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Boris Johnson is likely to be back in the spotlight on Tuesday as it is the deadline for disclosure of his diaries and messages to the Covid-19 inquiry.


The Bank of Spain publishes the data for deposits and bills and coins, both references for April.


EU unemployment statistics published on Thursday.


The New York Stock Exchange is closed on Monday for the Memorial Day holiday.


Quarterly stats on working and workless households published on Wednesday.

Ministry of Justice quarterly statistics published on Thursday.

Fitch Ratings releases UK sovereign review on Friday.