Fire bug burglars on trial

The Provincial Court of A Coruña will try this Monday and Tuesday two men accused of breaking into a house in Fisterra and then setting it on fire, for which the Prosecutor is asking for 22 and 25 years in prison.

The facts, according to the indictment, date back to September 13, 2020, when the two defendants allegedly stole objects from the interior of a vehicle in Fisterra, including the keys to a house in the town.

Around an hour after this robbery, the defendants, maintains the Public Ministry, broke into the house with the keys and, later, set it on fire, putting people’s lives at risk.

From inside the house, the defendants took various items of clothing, numerous watches, sneakers, a gold chain with a cross, a silver ring, a silver chain, a mobile phone, and a tablet. Then setting the property on fire, they caused 2,500 euro in cash to be burned.

The two inhabitants of the house were not inside at the time of the events. The house, a single-family, semi-detached home, suffered significant damage, worth more than 100,000 euro.

The Prosecutor’s Office considers both defendants, with a history of other robberies, perpetrators of two crimes of robbery with force, in a vehicle and in an inhabited house, and of a crime of fire with danger to the life and physical integrity of people.

For this reason, they face 22 years in prison for one of them and 25 for the other, as well as the payment of more than 100,000 euro for the damage caused to the house, the money burned and the stolen objects.