Labour Inspectorate demand more resources

Workers from the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate have called for a protest at noon today, Thursday, before the General Directorate of Public Function, as part of the second phase of mobilisations that they have undertaken to protest the “chaotic” situation of the organisation, affected by the lack of resources.

The protest is the combined efforts of the CCOO, CIG, CSIF, Sitss, Sislass, UGT, UPIT and Usess unions, who have been demanding that the Government comply with the agreement it signed with them in July 2021 to reinforce and increase the Inspection staff.

The union organisations argue that the previous List of Inspection Jobs dates back more than 20 years, so it is necessary to comply with what was agreed with the unions and immediately incorporate the 500 inspectors that had been promised urgently and progressively the rest of the committed personnel.

The Inspection staff is made up of 3,000 officers, of which 2,200 are inspectors and sub-inspectors and the rest are structural personnel, who must attend to 20 million Social Security affiliates, 1.4 million companies and 10 million pensioners.

“There is no way to put an end to the conflict in the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate. Not even suspensive points. What we have accumulated since December 21 of last year has had as a response the most absolute silence of those responsible for the Ministry”, denounced the unions in a statement.

For the union platform of the Inspection, it is “undoubted” that the Minister of Labour, Yolanda Díaz, “is not willing to defend the body from which she has been away for many months.” “Her responsibility for her in the conflict is maximum and all the organisations demand her resignation in view of her incapacity and incompetence to provide the necessary solutions for the Inspection,” they underlined.

For all these reasons, the unions maintain all the strike calls and see each day getting closer to entering a complete and indefinite strike in the month of June.