Uncle on trial for continual sexual abuse

The trial will begin today, Wednesday, in the First Section of the Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands, against a man accused of repeatedly sexually abusing his nephew-in-law, a minor, since at the time of the events he was nine years old.

The Prosecutor’s Office details in its brief that, taking advantage of the fact that every Friday the boy slept at his house, located in Sóller, the accused would lie down with him – once his wife had gotten out of bed – and hold the minor’s hand, forcing to perform a personal sexual act. These events, according to the indictment, were repeated almost every Friday that the minor slept at his uncle’s home from 2014 to 2018.

On another occasion, the prosecutor maintains that in the garage of the house, the defendant told the minor to sit in the back of the car and in the same way forced him to touch him. Another time, in this case at the victim’s grandmother’s house, while she was resting in bed, the man lay down next to him and repeated the same actions as before.

The Public Ministry details that this type of event occurred at least three more times, one of them being the defendant on the sofa together with his wife and the victim’s younger brother. On this occasion, the man put a cushion and a blanket on top of him to cover himself and forced the minor to touch him intimately.

On the other two most mentioned occasions, the defendant performed personal sexual acts on the child, of an increasingly sexual nature, to which, on one occasion, the victim refused.

During all this time the defendant told the child that he should not tell anyone what was happening because it could cause problems and he promised gifts that he never bought the victim.

On December 14, 2020, a court in Palma issued a restraining order in favour of the minor and the prohibition for the defendant to go to Sóller except to go to his place of work.

The Public Ministry considers the facts constituting a crime of continued sexual abuse of a minor and requests five and a half years in jail, the prohibition of approaching or communicating with the boy for eight years, the measure of probation for another eight years, the obligation to participate in a sexual education training program and the disqualification from working in contact with minors for eight years.

In addition, the prosecutor demands that he compensate the injured party in the amount of 20,000 euro.