Tragic harassment court case starts today

The court will hear evidence today in a harassment case that resulted in tragic consequences, in a trial against a man who is accused of breaching a previous sentence and harassment of his ex-partner, who ended up committing suicide in Ibiza.

The Prosecutor asks for seven years in prison for crimes of breach of sentence, habitual mental abuse and coercion.

According to the indictment, the facts tried date back to 2014 and 2015. By virtue of two sentences handed down by courts in León for threats and coercion in the family, the man was prohibited from communicating with and approaching his ex-partner with whom he had maintained a relationship that had ended in September 2013.

However, the man did not accept the breakup and despite the woman’s desire not to want to keep in touch with him, he insisted on wanting to see each other.

Thus, between the breakup of the relationship and March 2014, the man sent the victim hundreds of messages and emails with derogatory and intimidating expressions.

The man went to prison for these events and after his release in December 2014, the woman moved to Ibiza fearing that the man would continue causing her harm.

Upon leaving prison, the defendant continued to send her postal packages, at least a dozen, often with sexual objects and elements with allegedly romantic or loving connotations.

At the same time, on social networks he posted photos of watercolours that the woman had painted and sold on the Internet, along with derogatory comments. He also continued to make threatening phone calls and messages.

As a consequence of these behaviours, the woman suffered an anxiety and depression disorder that led to her suicide in July 2015.