Supreme court confirms 135 year prison sentence for paedophile British teacher

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court has sentenced a 33-year-old British man to 135 years in prison for distributing photos and videos on a paedophilia forum of about thirty girls whom he cared for in their family homes, or taught English at a college Madrid.

The high court ratifies his conviction for 8 crimes of making child pornography with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism, 32 crimes of discovery of disclosure of secrets and 1 crime against moral integrity.

According to the proven facts, the man, who had been convicted of child pornography in England in June 2016, began his criminal activity in Spain in August of that same year in Zaragoza, where he was hired by a family as an ‘au pair’ and carer of two girls and a boy. The defendant took photos and videos of the two naked sisters, captures that he distributed to third parties. He also recorded a personal sex act involving himself and food, which he then fed to a child.

Later, he worked in a similar way with a family with three minor children in Madrid, in 2017. Between January 2018 and June 2019, he worked at a school in Madrid, where “taking advantage of his status as a teacher, and taking advantage of the fact that he was alone in class with the minors, he recorded several videos and took photographs of the minors, focusing on the underwear and on other occasions, putting the camera under the skirt,” the sentence adds.

They add the facts that the defendant, using the previous child pornography material, the montages that he composed and the videos and photographs of the minors from the school, made available part of that material that was distributed in a paedophilia forum.

In order to work as a native English assistant teacher at the school and later at another centre, in order to hide his criminal record, he provided a copy of an Israeli passport that turned out to be a false reproduction by affecting essential elements, as well as copies an official degree from a Hertfordshire University which were also false reproductions, and a copy of the certificate of qualification which was another false reproduction.

The high court dismissed the defendant’s appeal, but there is some respite for the man as the court did agree to reduce the sentence of 1 year and 9 months that was imposed on him for the continued crime of falsifying official documentation, considering that since they were copies it could be a crime of falsifying a private document but not official documentation, and that reason the requirements of the criminal type were not met.