Drought on the Iberian peninsular

According to the latest weekly Hydrological Bulletin, the Spanish hydraulic reserve stands at 48.9% of its total capacity (56,069 hm³), compared to 50.7% the previous year and the 68.8% average for the last decade.

The reservoirs currently store 27,417 hm³ of water, decreasing in the last week by 406 hm³ (0.7% of the current total capacity of the reservoirs).

The average level of reserves on the Atlantic slope is 48.9%, where the situation in the Guadalquivir basin stands out, with 24.2%. In the Mediterranean basins, this level is also 48.9%.

In Portugal, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food declared a situation of severe and extreme drought in practically the entire southern half of the country, which represents almost 40% of its territory, given the high temperatures and low rainfall registered during the months of March and April. Specifically, 40 localities are in severe drought and 27 in extreme drought.