Fishing protests taking place on Tuesday

Along with fishing colleagues around the country, the Sanlúcar Fishermen’s Association has reported a concentration “in defence of trawling” for noon today, Tuesday.

The brotherhood explained in a public statement, “this concentration is part of a set of events at the European level organised by the European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) and its Spanish affiliates CCOO and UGT , together with other organisations in the sector OPPs, brotherhoods of fishermen and Cepesca, to request the European Commission withdraw the Action Plan -which affects trawling- due to the dramatic consequences that it can cause, as well as to discuss it with the socio-economic partners and the sector, agreeing on a plan of comprehensive sustainability and working to contribute to the project announced under the name ‘Fishermen for the future’”.

The actions programmed in a first phase of mobilisations will take place on Tuesday, May 9 in Andalusia, Catalonia and Galicia. As regards the Andalusian community, the concentrations will be held in Sanlúcar for the area of ​​the Atlantic façade and in Caleta de Vélez (Málaga) for the Mediterranean.

CCOO and UGT argue in a manifesto, among other things, that “the European Union imports 70% of the products that citizens consume. We are in favour of environmentally sustainable fishing, but we also do not want to end up in a situation where EU fisheries are laid off, jobs are lost and we are forced to import even more fish from third countries where environmental and social standards they are certainly no better than those in the EU.”