Mid-term weather forecast makes for a grim period

According to the latest data, announced by the National Security department of the Spanish Government, the forecast for the next few months, and into summer, could well bring extreme weather events to Spain.

A change of cycle is approaching with the end of the La Niña meteorological episode, present in the last 3 years that has exerted a cooling, slowing down the increase in global temperature, to establish the El Niño phenomenon.

It is estimated with a 60% probability that El Niño conditions, which may cause a new upturn in global warming and increase the probability of breaking temperature records, will be established in the months of May to July, increasing to 70-80% for the period of June to September.

This weather phenomenon is often associated with increased heat, heavy rain and flooding, as well as severe drought, potentially alleviating the drought in the Horn of Africa, but also triggering other extreme weather and climate events.

In Spain, they say, it is difficult to predict its specific effects, although higher temperatures are expected, as well as greater rainfall in autumn, although the country is in desperate need for rain now as we face the drought that has been warned about for at least since last summer.