Man on trial for attempted murder over cigarette refusal

The Provincial Court of Valencia begins to hear evidence today, Thursday, against a man who is alleged to have tried to kill another man in the capital of Turia, after the victim refused to give him a cigarette.

For this reason, the Prosecutor’s Office requests eight years in prison for a crime of attempted murder for this man.

The events occurred in the early morning of June 24, 2020 in a park in Valencia where the victim was covering his partner, who was urinating in some bushes.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, at that moment the defendant approached the man to ask for a cigarette and he told him to go away.

The defendant became insistent and before a new refusal he broke a glass that he was carrying in his hand and stuck it into the victim’s arm and neck.

According to the health report, the man would have died if he did not receive urgent medical and surgical assistance.