4 years and 4 months in prison for office party sex pest

The Second Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia has sentenced a man who groped two co-workers after an office party to four years and four months in prison for the crime of sexual abuse and a fine of 5,400 euro for the crime of sexual assault.

The Chamber also imposes in the sentence the payment of compensation of 4,000 euros for the first of the victims, for the interference caused by the abuses in the privacy and sexual freedom of the woman, and 1,200 euro for the second for fear that caused the events.

Similarly, the man is banned from any profession, trade or activity that involves direct or regular contact with minors for nine years and four months.

The events occurred during the early hours of August 8, 2021, after a company dinner, when three workers and the convicted man went to spend the night at the house of one of them, in the city of Valencia.

According to the account of proven facts contained in the court decision, at one point the man approached one of the victims, who was sleeping on the sofa in the living room, pulled down her pyjama pants and subjected her to touching and other sexual assault practices.

The woman, who had her will and understanding slightly diminished as a result of alcohol consumption, woke up and went to the room of the owner of the house.

Shortly after, the man entered the room where the second of the victims slept on at least two occasions, touching her on the side above her clothes, without the victim being able to react, despite the fact that she had woken up, due to the fear that the abuses caused.

The Chamber applies the Penal Code in force at the time of the commission of the facts for the first case and condemns him as the perpetrator of a crime of sexual abuse with carnal access with the extenuation of drunkenness, for which he is imposed four years and four months in jail.

For the second of the facts, the Court applies the Penal Code currently in force after the reform operated by Organic Law 10/22 on the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom, as it is more beneficial for the prisoner, and sentences him to pay a fine as the perpetrator of a crime of sexual assault, for which he also appreciates the mitigation of drunkenness.