Couple accused of defrauding communities in Finestrat and Vila Joiosa in court

A man and a woman, a sentimental couple and co-workers, accused of defrauding four communities of owners in the Finestrat and Vila Joiosa area, are on trial this Tuesday in Section 2 of the Provincial Court of Alicante.

The events occurred during 2018 when, according to the account given by the Prosecutor’s Office, the defendant simulated the signatures of the presidents of the communities to draw up bearer checks that he cashed himself.

In addition, the defendants charged the payment of debts that the defendant had to the account of one of the communities.

The Public Ministry requests for the man a prison sentence of nine and a half years for a continuous crime of fraud, in competition with another crime of falsehood, and a crime of unfair administration. For the woman, they request three and a half years in jail for a crime of unfair administration.