8 out of 10 broadband lines in Spain are now fibre

Monthly revenue from broadband

The total fibre optic lines to the home (FTTH) reached 13.8 million in January in Spain, with a monthly growth of 89,944 lines. 36.6% of the total FTTH lines correspond to Movistar, with a fleet of 5.1 million lines.

83% of broadband lines in Spain are already FTTH lines, according to the latest data published in CNMCData.

75.7% of the total lines were concentrated in the three main operators, Movistar, Orange (including Jazztel) and Vodafone (including Ono).

Lines with broadband closed the month of January with a total of 50.06 million lines, 2.7% more than in the same month of 2022. This means that 87% of mobile lines already had, on that date, access to Internet.

In general, mobile telephone lines totalled 42,790 lines in January, reaching 57.75 million (3.2% more than a year ago).

The three main operators represented 72.1% of the total number of mobile lines in the market.

476,400 users changed operator, which is 9.9% less than the volume registered in the same month of 2022.

In January, just over 30,000 fixed lines were lost. The month closed with a total of 18.07 million lines. 114,258 fixed numbers were ported, 23% less than in the same month of the previous year.

Monthly revenue from broadband