Princess Leonor will begin her military training as future Head of State in September

This week, the Council of Ministers approved a military training plan for Princess Leonor, which will begin in September in Zaragoza.

This training is essential for her as the future Head of State and therefore as supreme head of the Armed Forces, a representative position conferred on her by the Constitution.

The Minister of Defence, Margarita Robles, advanced some details of this plan, which will see the Princess take placements in all three branches of the armed forces, Army, Navy and the Air and Space Force.

The Government announced it with the following reference: “The Council of Ministers has regulated the training and military career of the Princess of Asturias. The specific military training will begin this year, once Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz finishes her studies in Wales, will last 3 years and will cover the 3 armies”.

It must be remembered that the heiress to the Spanish throne is close to coming of age, which will be reached in October (she is currently 17 years old). She has been studying in Wales since 2021 at a boarding school of great international prestige, the UWC Atlantic College.

Having completed her Baccalaureate studies, she will take a break to receive this necessary military training that her father, the current monarch, King Felipe VI, also had to receive. In his case, after studying pre-university training in Canada, he began his military instruction at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, the Naval Military School of Marín and the General Air Academy of San Javier. When he was proclaimed King of Spain in 2014, he also became captain general of the Armed Forces (Ejército de Tierra, Navy and Ejército del Aire).

It is probable that his daughter Leonor will repeat in the same centres. According to Minister Robles, this training will last 3 years and will be very complete, praising the quality of the country’s military training. In Zaragoza she will share classes with students of the same age. When she finishes these years, she will be able to resume her conventional studies, if she wishes to pursue university studies. Robles explained that they were exactly the steps taken by her father, the then Prince of Asturias, Felipe de Borbón.