UK driving licence holding residents in Spain will be able to drive again (temporarily)

UK residents in Spain, who failed to exchange their driving licence for a Spanish version prior to Brexit, despite numerous extensions and warnings, are now able to exchange them once again, in the same way as before Brexit, from Thursday.

However, this latest extension is only for a 6-month period, and that period is to allow for the backlog of cases likely to present themselves to the DGT traffic office, so you should not delay this time.

Similarly, Spanish licence holders in the UK, also affected the lack of an effective Brexit agreement, will also be able to exchange their licence, if they are residents in that country.

Part of the agreement also means that driver data can be shared in the event of a traffic offence, which was one of the sticking points affecting the agreement being reached, with the UK reluctant to share that data which is crucial to road safety, hence the enforced ban on those drivers who could otherwise have been left unprosecuted.

The agreement was approved by Spain’s Council of Ministers on Tuesday.