Social network grooming trial began on Monday

The trial against a man who posed as a young girl on different social media profiles to gain the trust of other girls and send and receive images of sexual content began in Madrid on Monday.

The Prosecutor’s Office has asked for 18 years in prison for the defendant for five crimes of exhibitionism and sexual provocation, a crime of child pornography production, as well as a crime of abuse sex with a minor whom he groped and sent photographs of her sexual organs.

Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of other crimes related to the use of the Internet, the telephone or any other information and communication technology to contact a minor under sixteen years of age and carry out acts aimed at tricking him into providing him with pornographic material or showing him pornographic images in which a minor is represented or appears.

According to the Prosecutor’s account, the defendant used up to eight different Instagram profiles to contact the minors, gained their trust and sent them photographs of sexual content.

Specifically, VMGG contacted up to five minors between 2018 and 2019 with this same modus operandi. Through these profiles, on several occasions, he asked the minors to send him photographs of a sexual nature. In one of the cases, in addition, he ended up meeting one of the girls, whom he touched.

At the time of his arrest, eight different Instagram profiles, photographs and videos of a sexual nature, of both him and the girls, were located on his mobile phones.

In addition, the Public Ministry demands the prohibition of communication with minors by verbal, written or telematic means for a period of ten years and amounts of 5,000 euro for each of them, 15,000 in the case of the minor with whom he ended up touching, for moral damages.