An alleged jihadist arrested in Girona

Agents of the Information Headquarters of the Guardia Civil, in a joint operation with the General Information Commissioner of the National Police, under the direction of the Central Investigating Court No. 2 and the National Court Prosecutor’s Office, arrested of an individual of Moroccan origin but of Spanish nationality, in the town of Girona, for his alleged relationship with crimes of terrorism.

The person investigated was in an advanced process of jihadist radicalisation and had a profile of great violence and aggressiveness.

The detainee maintained active profiles on different social media platforms, and accessed the Deep Web to further his terrorist purposes. In this way, he used the Internet to show his active support in favour of the terrorist organisation DAESH, obtain manuals with which to train himself in the use of weapons and explosives, as well as the acquisition of weapons.

Likewise, it was verified how he viewed the execution of jihadist attacks in Europe. The same day he was arrested, he searched for how to carry out stabbings and attacks carried out with this type of bladed weapons.

During the joint investigation, international cooperation has stood out, where the US FBI has played an essential role in the identification and neutralisation of this alleged terrorist. During the practice of the different procedures, the detainee has shown his distrust and arrogant rejection towards the participating agents.

After the arrest, the agents proceeded with the execution of various searches associated with the detainee, in order to collect evidence of his activities, to fully clarify the facts investigated.

He has been made available to the Central Investigating Court No. 2, whose head has ordered his admission to prison.