Appeal to be on the lookout for a vehicle in Spain

The Guardia Civil has issued an appeal for everyone to be on the lookout for a vehicle, owned by a missing person in Manzanares (Ciudad Real).

On July 22, 2022, JUAN MIGUEL ISLA disappeared, in the town of Manzanares (Ciudad Real), with no news of his whereabouts to date.

For this reason, the Guardia Civil has published the latest images available of the vehicle used by the missing person.

The images correspond to when the person was leaving the town of Manzanares towards Membrilla on the N430A highway, hours after being seen for the last time.

After 6 months without news of JUAN MIGUEL ISLA or his vehicle, citizen collaboration is requested to provide any information that may facilitate the location of said person.

The vehicle we are all asked to lookout for is:


Model: CLIO

Registration: 2786FXW

Anyone who can provide information can do so by phone 627.21.87.81 or email: