Hunting season closes with 15 human deaths

The year 2022 closes with fourteen hunters and one hiker killed in hunting actions. More than 65 incidents of different considerations are also calculated, with Andalusia being the community with the most deaths and injuries, followed by Castilla la Mancha.

Andalusia is the community with the most deaths and injuries – five and eight, respectively – followed by Castilla la Mancha – four people dead and nine injured – and Aragón – two dead and two injured. By provinces, Cuenca tops the list with 2 people killed in 2022. The balance calculates an average of one dead hunter every 15 days. Taking into account that the hunting season lasts 6 months, the average number of people killed would be 2.5 per month.

Regarding deaths by autonomous community, in Andalusia of the five people who died are distributed in the provinces of Huelva, Cádiz, Málaga, Seville and Granada, with one in each. In addition, there are nine people injured, with three of them being rural agents.

For this reason, the Animal Naturalis group are calling on the Government of Spain and especially the Ministry of the Interior,  directly responsible for regulating the possession of weapons in this country,  to take urgent measures for the safety of 47 million Spanish citizens who go out to the countryside to enjoy nature, without fearing for their lives, without fearing that no one will be hit by a bullet.