New unit of the Guardia Civil for the fiscal area of the Bay of Algeciras

The Guardia Civil has launched a new unit that will be in charge of guaranteeing security in the fiscal area of ​​the Bay of Algeciras (Cádiz). This was announced by the General Director of the Corps, María Gámez, during a visit to this new area of ​​influence of the Cádiz Free Zone.

The general director of the Guardia Civil has been accompanied by the sub-delegate of the Government in Cádiz, José Antonio Pacheco; the President of the Provincial Council, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix; the special delegate of the Cádiz Free Zone, Fran González; the mayor of Los Barrios, Miguel Alconchel; the chief general of the Andalusia Zone, Alfonso Rodríguez; and the colonel in charge of the Algeciras Command, Francisco Almansa, among other authorities in the area.

The agreement signed between the General Directorate of the Guardia Civil and the Cádiz Free Zone Consortium – which is administratively articulated as a management assignment and is published in the BOE of December 20 – attributes to the Guardia Civil the responsibility of surveillance and protection of said enclosure.

The service of this newly created unit will be provided by Guardia Civils in a reserve situation and will be part of the Fiscal and Border Company of the Algeciras Command.

With the signing of this agreement, the Guardia Civil is “satisfied to be able to contribute to a project that promotes job creation and enhances economic and social activity”, emphasised Gámez.

The general director of the Guardia Civil has stressed that this is “good news and one more step to promote the economic, social and human development not only of Campo de Gibraltar, but of all Andalusia, and we are satisfied that the Guardia Civil can contribute”.

In August, the Cádiz Free Trade Zone Consortium declared the works completed for the Bahía de Algeciras fiscal area to begin operating -located in El Fresno-, after a year of work and an investment of 2.5 million euro.

The security system installed in the Bahía de Algeciras fiscal area of ​​the Free Zone is made up of a network of cameras that will act in a complementary way as an electronic fortification. Thus, when the thermal control cameras or the radars detect movements, the lighting and dome cameras are activated to control the possible incident.

Regarding the access control of vehicles, trucks and people, the site has a modern system that allows the online processing with Customs of the permits and access that will facilitate the work of the operators, as well as the entry and exit of merchandise.

In Spain, which is part of both the EU and Single Market, there are free zones in Santander, Barcelona, ​​Vigo, Cádiz, Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Seville.