Annual military parade cost 8 percent less than last year

The military parade held on October 12 in Madrid, an annual event to mark the National Holiday, cost a total of 581,582 euro, 8.55 percent less than that carried out in 2021, according to data from the Ministry of Defence.

This is stated in a parliamentary response in which the ERC deputy Gerard Álvarez asks about the cost of the military parade and questions its suitability in the current context of “most necessary” social demands.

In its response, the Government avoids this controversy and limits itself to informing that the total economic cost of the National Holiday parade is 581,582.54 euro; which would include both the previous tests and the military parade on the 12th, in which more than 4,000 troops, 150 vehicles and 84 aircraft participated.

This amount is 8.55 percent less than the 636,000 euro that the Government allocated to the same celebration last year. This is a figure similar to that of the years 2018 (624,000), 2017 (621,000), 2016 (452,930) or 2015 (604,566).

The difference took place in 2019, when it grew to 900,000 euro due to the transfer to Spain of soldiers from Lebanon, Senegal, Mauritania and Mali as guests of the parade.

In 2020, the parade was suppressed as a result of the pandemic and in its place a static military act was held in the parade ground of the Royal Palace in which a very small representation of military units participated.

In 2021, the improvement in the health situation made it possible to recover the traditional parade on October 12, although the number of participants was somewhat lower than in previous editions. There were also restrictions on the subsequent reception offered by the King at the Royal Palace to avoid the concentration of people indoors.

This 2022 the parade has already recovered its traditional splendour and has had the largest military participation since before the pandemic. Also, the reception at the Royal Palace was held without restrictions.