Active fibre optic lines reach 13.5 million in Spain

The number of active fibre optic (FTTH) lines in Spain has reached a milestone 13.5 million, after another 118,094 new lines were added in September, according to the latest data on the telecommunications market published on the Competitions and Markets Authority’s (CNMCData) portal.

76.7% of the total lines were concentrated in the three main operators, Movistar, Orange (including Jazztel) and Vodafone (including Ono). 36.9% of the total FTTH lines correspond to Movistar, with a total of 4.98 million lines.

At an annual level, compared to September 2021, the increase of 1 million FTTH lines stands out, compared to the loss of 0.4 million lines with the older DSL technology.

The mobile line park gained 263,074 lines in September. The month closed with 57.37 million mobile lines, which is 3.3% more than the same month last year.

In September, the three main operators represented 72.5% of the total number of mobile lines in the market.

The portability pointed out important figures: 590,366 mobile numbers and 185,077 fixed numbers changed operators, which is 10.7% less than the volume registered in the same month of 2021.

Vodafone, Orange, Grupo MÁSMOVIL and Movistar presented negative balances.

As for voice only lines, there were an additional 161,608 subscribers in September. The month closed with a total of 49.69 million lines. This represents 2.8% more than in the same month of 2021. The total number of fixed telephony lines (land lines) closed with 18.19 million, with 10,597 fewer lines in the month. 185,077 fixed numbers were ported, 5.3% more than in the same month of the previous year.