New scam pretending to be from Leroy Merlin

A new ‘phishing’ alert has been issued, this time trying to supplant the identity of the Leroy Merlin firm and with the gift of a drill if a survey is answered as bait to capture the interest of the victims. This is what both the company and the National Police warn in two messages on their respective Twitter accounts.

“We are not carrying out any communication of this type through ‘e-mail’ or in other channels, so it is totally unrelated to this type of communication that some of our clients are receiving,” highlights the French multinational.

The scammers send an email to potential victims, informing them that they have been chosen to participate in a “loyalty program”. If the recipient agrees to participate in the survey, the button redirects him to a website that looks like the company, but it is fake, where you are invited to answer some questions to receive the gift.

The scam culminates at the moment in which the user provides personal and bank details, under the excuse of being able to identify the victim to receive the prize.

Preventive measures

The National Police recommends that users check the sender address of the ‘e-mail’, as well as possible misspellings, something quite unlikely in the case of an official statement from a company, which goes through different filters before being sent.

It is also not recommended to open emails of unknown origin, click on links or download attachments or applications of doubtful origin whose origin is not verified.