Police to take to the streets in protest

Unions representing the police and Guardia Civil, El Sindicato Unificado de Policía (SUP) and la Asociación Uniformada de la Guardia Civil (AUGC), respectively, have convened a protest by officers on the streets of Madrid, which is set to take place on 26 November.

The general secretary of SUP, Mónica Gracia, and Juan Fernández, from the AUGC, announced that the march will be at 12 noon, from Neptuno to Sol.

On this occasion, one of the main battle horses is retirement, since, according to reports, agents lose up to 25 percent of their income when they reach retirement age. In addition, they ask that they be able to retire early, at 59 or 60 years old, without losing purchasing power. In addition, they ask for a 35-hour working week, as is the case with the rest of the officials.

But above all, the two organisations denounce that the Ministry of the Interior does not even want to talk to them, for which “we are going to be on a war footing until they do.” “We were on the front line on October 1, in the pandemic… After that, the Government forgets us. We are here to say enough is enough.”

“It is very good that they boast of their police and civil guards, but they cannot forget our demands,” they have assured. They have also left the door open so that, in addition to the rest of the unions and associations, the political parties that wish to join can join, “in addition, of course, to the citizens.”

The last time the Security Forces took to the streets was to protest against the reform of the Citizen Security Law, which is still being processed in Congress, although without an agreement.