Euromillions Results, Prize Breakdown, and Lottery Winning Numbers for Tuesday, 1 November, 2022

Euromillions Results, Prize Breakdown, and Lottery Winning Numbers
Euromillions Results, Prize Breakdown, and Lottery Winning Numbers

The Euro millions results, prize breakdown, and winning numbers are published shortly after each Euromillions draw which take place at around 21:00 every Tuesday and Friday evening in Paris.

The Euro Millions lottery is played across nine European countries – Spain, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.

Players who purchase their Euromillions tickets in Spain also play in El Millón which is a supplementary EuroMillions draw that offers an additional prize of €1 million. To win El Millón, players need to match the code drawn with the code printed on their ticket.

Euromillions Results: This draw is in play
Euromillones El Millón (Spain): This draw is in play

Tonight's Euromillions lottery results will be published at approximately 20:15 GMT / 21:15 CET.
Winning numbers for tonight's Euromillions lottery draw will appear here shortly after the draw has been completed.

How to play the Euromillions Lottery

To play the Euromillions lottery jackpot, five main numbers between 1 and 50 and two lucky stars between 1 and 12 are picked. If all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars are matched, the player wins the EuroMillions jackpot prize.

50% of the proceeds are allocated to prizes and if the jakpot prize is not won, it will roll over to the following draw. The Euromillions jackpot prize is currently capped at around 200 million Euro! Players in Spain are also entered into the El Millón draw when they purchase their tickets. El Millón is a supplementary game where players have the opportunity to win an additional 1 million Euro.