Call to protest over Madrid healthcare

The FACUA consumer association in Madrid, together with different social entities, health professionals and trade union organisations, have called on the public to mobilise this weekend, on October 22, under the slogan for Madrid’s public, universal and quality healthcare. The demonstration will start at 6:00 p.m. from the Neptuno roundabout and will end in the vicinity of the Seville metro station.

This mobilisation arises after the continuous policies of cuts and unfulfilled promises carried out during these years by the regional government, which has put economic interest – clearly favouring the private sector – over preserving and strengthening the public health system.

Given this scenario, the convening organisations denounce that the absence of media is negatively affecting the correct care and health of patients, in addition to the work overload that health personnel have to endure, which has generated a wave of indignation citizen and constant mobilisations in recent months.

To put an end to this situation, they propose that the Ministry of Health carry out a study of the situation of the public health system, where the average waiting times are reported and an owed financing is made. In addition, they ask for a clear commitment to Primary Care, providing it with resources and means, to end the privatisation and outsourcing of services, and to improve the working conditions of staff by putting an end to temporary work.

They also request that all Primary Care Emergency Services (SUAP), Rural Care Services (SAR) and Home Care Units (UAD) be kept in operation, a new Sanitary Management Law be drawn up, coordination between the competent Ministries to improve social and health care in nursing homes and to significantly increase the number of hospital beds, among other demands.

In addition to FACUA Madrid, the convening organisations include Acem, Amasap, AP Se Mueve, CCOO Madrid, Csit-UP, Aranjuez Health Coordinator, Torrejón Health Coordinator, Fadsp, Fravm, Health Centres Platform, SAR Platform, Rivas with Public Health , Satse, SoMaMFyC and UGT Madrid.