The prosecutor asks for six years in prison for a man for abusing his partner’s youngest daughter

The prosecutor asks for six years in prison for a man accused of continued sexual abuse of the 15-year-old daughter of who was then his partner, as well as a ban on approaching her and compensation of 6,000 euro.

The trial will begin today, Wednesday, in the Third Section of the Provincial Court of Cantabria. According to the prosecutor’s brief, the defendant took advantage of when they were at the family home with the minor to touch her, which at first consisted of “caressing her and touching her chest”, but later “he began to touch her vagina”.

In this last case, the touching “was carried out first on the clothes and in later days directly under the underwear.” Even on some occasion “the minor woke up in her bed when she noticed that the defendant was touching her vagina under her nightclothes,” explains the indictment. It adds that, in recent months and before the complaint, the events were repeated daily and sometimes with the youngest son of the accused (and the mother of the minor) in the same room.

For this reason, the prosecution considers him the author of a continued crime of sexual abuse of a minor under 16 years of age and asks for a sentence of six years in prison, a ban on communicating and approaching the girl for eight years and a measure of supervised release after the custodial sentence.

In addition, he requests that he be deprived of parental authority for six years and that he be disqualified from any profession or trade that involves contact with minors for ten years. As civil liability, he claims compensation for moral damages of 6,000 euro.

For its part, the private prosecution exercised by the injured party requests the same penalty requested by the prosecution, but raises the compensation to 10,000 euro.