Universities implementing energy saving protocols

Faced with rising energy costs, universities around the country are implementing different protocols to try to reduce energy usage, and, therefore, their bills.

At the university in Vigo, there is a ban on using heating, most likely until 1 November, or a maximum temperature equal to or less than 18 degrees and a minimum equal to or less than 12 degrees, according to the weather forecast.

At the Polytechnic of Valencia, they intend to cut daily electricity use with a target of reducing their bill by 16,000 euro by banning the use of air conditioning, and heating will not be allowed until December in principle.

At the University of Deusto they are considering closing all the facilities at Christmas to save on heating.

Overall, students have not been happy with the changes, even though they are aimed at reducing costs, and the reliance of energy following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Of course, any reduction in the use of energy is also of benefit to the planet, and so there are some people who applaud the changes.