The Spanish supermarket with a very social foundation

If you are ever lucky enough to visit Córdoba, a city in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, be sure to pop into the “Prossima Market” supermarket, a shop which belongs to Grupo Piedra, but is unique in its operation.

The supermarket is run by 9 employees under a social entrepreneurship project launched by the PRODE Foundation, which has given the entire workforce placements to people with disabilities.

The disabled employees, all aged between 28 and 54, set out to be happier and find meaning in their lives through employment. To which end, they have chosen for 2 of them to adopt the role of store managers, 2 work as delivery drivers, another 2 as oven managers, 2 more in the checkout line and the ninth of them is the warehouse manager.

This 370-square-metre supermarket, which offers more than 3,000 top brand and private label items with excellent value for money, has, for example, its own oven that guarantees the freshness of the bakery products made daily with them.

As a note to highlight regarding this vulnerable group in society, the store has a space reserved for Yosíquesé products. In other words, a Fundación PRODE company that sells stationery and gift products with designs based on the creativity of people with intellectual disabilities.

This entrepreneurship project, in its training aspect, is part of the Employment and Training Program of the Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment of the Junta de Andalucía, based on the training initiative alternating with employment (former dual training).

These employees with disabilities have been hired full-time since March in the form of training and apprenticeship contracts. Thus, 68.44% of the duration of the contract is devoted to employment and the remaining 31.56% to training. This instruction has been managed by the Fundación PRODE Professional School and structured around two areas:

Compulsory training leading to obtaining certificates of professionalism from the professional families of warehouse and trade level 1.

Complementary training included in the national catalogue of qualifications divided into 3 blocks: Guidance and employment, occupational risk prevention and food handling.

This project has a clear objective, new openings that generate more job opportunities for people with disabilities. This is due to the fact that many times there are great obstacles to reinserting themselves into the world of work. In addition, it makes Córdoba an increasingly inclusive and integrating city with this type of initiative.