Roadside recovery companies threatening strike action

This Thursday, roadside recovery companies will take part in the General Assembly of the National Roadside Assistance Alliance in Seville, where strike action will be discussed unless there are improvements to the conditions that the companies endure.

The members of the national employers’ association will decide on plans for the future of the sector, whilst denouncing that there is a progressive degradation of the service throughout the country, reducing the viability of the grua companies.

One of the representatives attending the forum, Consuelo García, president of AGRUAXA in Salamanca, explained that they ask insurers and intermediaries to adapt the aid contracts to the law to, at least, cover the cost and expenses involved in keeping the service operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In some companies, by not covering the cost and expenses, the dismissal of workers is considered.

These companies will put on the table temporary or even total stoppages in the service with what it would mean for their clients and citizens who at a certain moment remain stranded on the road after a breakdown of their vehicle.